School Premises
Standards for education premises
The Education with Buds n blooms pre school Premises Regulations 1999 stipulate minimum standards for school premises. Our pre schools are also covered by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, which outline provisions that must be made in relation to the work environment.

Provisions that are covered by these regulations include: toilet facilities, fire, staff rooms, weather protection, noise, lighting, heating, temperature, ventilation and water supply.

Our pre schools Regulations 1999 apply to all maintained schools in India  including nursery, community, foundation and voluntary schools, as well as pupil referral units. The premises of non-maintained special schools and independent schools approved by the Secretary of State for children with special educational needs are also subject to these regulations. It is important that all schools covered by the regulations adhere to these provisions.Buds n blooms pre school  also considers that the minimum standards laid down should be followed by independent establishments, as it is undoubtedly in the interests of the health and safety of both staff and pupils.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 apply to all types of educational establishments in the India. These regulations overlap with some of the provisions of the Education (School Premises) Regulations, which have specific requirements for facilities relating to staff, medical rooms and toilet/washrooms, as well as conditions relating to boarding schools.For all school or college sites, the condition of the premises should provide sufficient assurance as to the health, safety and welfare of all who are using the building. Good standards of hygiene should be maintained. There should also be sufficient so that overcrowding can be avoided.

The Education (School Premises) Regulations stipulate that there should be at least one toilet for every 10 pupils under five years and one for every 20 pupils over that age. In special schools, the minimum provision is one toilet for every 10 pupils, irrespective of age.

General health, safety and welfare
Toilet facilities
Staff rooms and rest rooms
Medical rooms
Weather protection
Water supplies