Play Group
Playgroup Syllabus

We would like to foster the child’s self esteem and self help skills, while allowing the children to succeed. We follow a thematic curriculum; introducing days of the week, months, seasons, holidays and basic sign language. We follow a daily routine with a daily curriculum posted. We emphasis positive social interaction in a small group setting. Self esteem and kindness are key elements.


Each day consists of special time for free play, circle, art, music, calendar, story time, exploration, dramatic play, small motor skill, gym time and outdoor play or a planned field trip (a weekly curriculum schedule is posted).

Our thematic curriculum incorporates colors, shapes, numbers, seasons, holidays, feelings, days of the week, etc. The children learn and grow at their own pace. This curriculum is flexible, which enables us to plan accordingly for each child. We place a special emphasis on socialization and self help skills for the younger children. Consistency, set expectations and positive reinforcement are adhered to daily, with the same teachers working with the children consistently.

All our innovations on 'NEW EDUCATION' can be summed up in one line. "Grooming the children really means inculcating a sense of the self in the child".

1. Practical Exercises - Fine motor skills

2. Sensory Exercises

3. Language and Communication

4. Social and Emotional

5. Cognitive

6. Physical Exercises - Gross motor skills

7. Field trips and Child's projects

Practical exercises help in hand and eye co-ordination and helps the children to achieve mastery of their movements.

Some of the exercises are :
a. Folding Napkins
b. Pouring and Washing Activities
c. Sorting and Sieve Activities

Everything in the classroom is for touching and exploring - helps in the refinement of all the senses.

Activities based on :
a. Hearing
b. Smelling
c. Tasting
d. Seeing (dimension, clolour, etc)
e. Touching
f. Art and Craft


Helps in each child's comfort with communicating and expressing ideas.
The Activities are :
a. Vocabulary games
b. Stories
c. Picture Talk
d. Informal Talk
e. Speech and Drama

Social and Emotional skills is an important focus in a child's development.
We try and help through :
a. Music and Movement
b. Action songs
c. Festivals and Celebrations
d. Daily Chores and Routines - active participation of the child.

It is an important demand of development - using tangible objects to represent abstract ideas.
Children are given the following :
a. Concrete materials used to develop concept of quantity
b. Sequencing, puzzles, matching, etc
c. Building materials

a. Field trips help the adults to develop a rapport with the child and thereby make her independent
b. Child's Project in the form of scrap books to show child's work at school.