Our Values
At BUDS n BLOOMS Preschool of excellence with day care, we believe in high standards of care and achievement. Our values are:
A positive learning environment which stimulates the interest, curiosity and perseverance of every child.
An atmosphere where very child is happy, safe, secure and motivated to learn.
To nurture self esteem and self confidence.
To enable each child to achieve their full potential.
To help each child develop life skills that will benefit them now and in future.
To value the importance of your role as parents in contribution to the education of the whole child.

That all staff and children are respected, valued and they endeavor to do their best in a welcoming and caring environment.

Registration form for Pre school Class for the Academic Year will be available alltime. Once the available admissions are fulfilled in one branch of school, we will give you an opportunity in another branch of our school for the parents convinces.

Child Protection
School has an important role to play in the detection and prevention of abuse to children to ensure their safety. In cases where we have reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, the Head Teacher has no alternative but to follow child protection procedures.