Our Phylosophy
Our primary teaching philosophy is based on the work of Jean Piaget, a Swiss philosopher and developmental psychologist. The child-centered approach to education facilitates cognitive development by:
Providing activities or situations that engage learners.
Presenting challenges and opportunities that actively involve children.
Practicing problem solving through language, play and socialization.
Engaging children in the appropriate stage of motor or mental operations.
Working in small groups that help children,  see things from other children’s perspectives, progressively  increasing their knowledge of the world around them.

BUDS n BLOOMS Preschool of excellence with day care, an infant play school is opened to cater to children aged 18 months onwards.  The school building internally and externally has been structured to give aesthetic living of children during stay in school. It is a place where children can grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. Here they move from dependence to independence – from shaky coordination to refined skills, from Body language to verbal communication, from self-absorption to growing social awareness. Each child is given many varied opportunities for working and learning through a play based curriculum.

BUDS n BLOOMS offers you a unique opportunity to be a part of these delightful years and to witness the transformation of restless kids into young, confident children, ready to make a place for them in the world.