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Evolution of our National Flag

It is amazing to see the various changes that our National Flag went through since its first inception.

The first national flag in India is said to have been hoisted on August 7, 1906, in the Parsee Bagan Square in Calcutta.

1st flag.jpg

The second flag was hoisted in Paris by Madame Cama and her band of exiled revolutionaries in 1907.

2nd flag.jpg

The third flag went up in 1917 when our political struggle had taken a definite turn. Dr. Annie Besant and Lokmanya Tilak hoisted it during the Home rule movement.

3rd flag.jpg

During th-e session of the All India Congress Commitee which met at Bezwada in 1921, Pingali Venkaiah prepared a flag and took it to Ganghiji.

5TH flag.jpg

The Year 1931 was a landmark in the history of the flag. A resolution was passed adopting a tricolour flag as our national flag.

5th flag.jpg

On July 22, 1947, the Constituent Assembly adopted it as Free India National Flag.

6th flag.jpg

7th flag.jpg