Birthday Celebrations

We, at Buds n Blooms Preschool, celebrate all the kid's birthdays with a cake and candle. With all the cute friends, birthday babies smiled a lot.We want to share the smiles and happiness as few photographs here.

Buds n Blooms Preschool is Play School with a classic childrens show, that has been loved by generations of children and is still a household favourite today makes a cute & fun party theme for little ones.
Parents have the opportunity to celebrate their child's birthday during the school day! To assist you with your child's in-school birthday celebration. Colorful napkins, a personalized birthday card for the birthday student are included with each birthday celebration . For your convenience, the Student Birthday Celebration  is available for you to plan your child's in-school birthday party. To make arrangements for a birthday celebration, please contact your child's class teacher one (1) week in advance of the celebration.
Help your child get ready for the new school year by hosting a back to school party! This is a great way for children to reconnect with school friends. Our Back to School Ideas include suggestions for cute invitations and birthday party celebration.

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