Admission Policy                                      

Buds n Blooms Pre School of excellence with day care welcomes all children and parents irrespective of race, national origin, religious background or competency in English language.

Buds n Blooms Pre School of excellence with day care is open for admissions the whole year with the allocation of seats being strictly subject to availability.

Minimum age for admission is on a discretionary basis, based on Buds n Blooms pre school of excellence’s with day care evaluation of the child and the program being applied for Internal waiting lists follow a first-cum-first-served basis, with emphasis being given to siblings of children already attending the school.
Play forms the key note for Nursery while aiming at optimal development of children. Interesting teacher guided activities like singing, dancing, dramatic play, oral expression, story telling, informal physical education, the morning for prayer and the creative sessions expose the child to an entire new world where learning is fun, exciting and something to look forward to as the child approaches the Nursery age, formal preschool education is tackled and a readiness for speaking, number work and general awareness is gradually cultivated.

Buds n Blooms Preschool of excellence with day care, is equipped with a variety of materials and tools for experimenting and learning. It lays strong learning foundations, enriching the child's life, as he grows familiar with the world around him.

Phonetic system for the letters of the alphabet are followed, which helps the child to read on his own by the time he completes Nursery. Work sheets are so designed as to make the learning process exciting, informative and participatory. Teacher's involvement is total in each of our classes.


Fees will be Term based , in advance.
A non refundable deposit of Rs: 500.00 will secure your child's place in school.
A discount of 10% for second and subsequent children will be available.
No fee will be returned once paid.
Lunch including water bottles will be provided by the parents in baby room.
Parents should provide nappies pair of clothes for their child.
For a Pre Registration form click here

All payments to be made in advance, as per dates specified. Any payment received 5 working days after this date will be considered ‘late’.
Any break between payments will require the student to be re-registered against a new application.
All payments are non-refundable (except refundable Deposit), non-negotiable and non-transferable.
Penalties incurred for late collection, late payment or non-payment of any dues will be deducted from Deposit.
Payment to be made by Cheque, Card Money or Demand Draft. No post dated cheques or cash will be accepted unless under exceptional circumstances.
Any returned cheques/payments will incur a suitable penalty per transaction.
Statutory taxes as per Government norms - if applicable - will be at actual.
If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact

Buds n Blooms Preschool of excellence with day care.
We welcome children in the age group of 18 months onwards. Parents whose children are registered are called for a meeting in the school along with the child, dates of which are intimated in writing.
We do not interview children, although children must accompany their parents. Admissions are entirely discretionary. Through the interview we seek to establish whether the school's goals about education and the parents are synchronized. It is an essential step to ensure that each child will be able to develop his/her potential to the fullest. As we are flooded with admission requests, we can only take a fixed number. Some parents are disappointed in the process. We would like to ensure parents that each child is wonderful, but we are unable to accommodate every child.

We accept all Credit card / Debit card

and Cheques as well to make the

mode of payment easy.

For further details please contact the school office.
Need based Programs also aviailable for children of other schools and Instant Day Care Facility also for school children and other school children, who are registered with us.

Your toddler is sharp, quick on the uptake, curious, eager to learn and full of energy. He is also toilet trained. You think the child is ready for school, but his age doesn't put him in the school going bracket.
We have the answer for you. At our Play Class, we have a blend of the traditional and the modern. The environment combines the comfort and security of home on one hand, and the challenge, excitement and innovation of a pre-school on the other.

Play school is a child's first step away from home. The three hour spent here are designed for them to enjoy, learn and to adjust. Their foray into Nursery next year would be without the pangs of separation, anxiety and stress.

Play, music, colour activity, story telling and dramatics form the day's charter for the child. A major part of the day is spent outdoors.

Timings are from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 noon (Monday to Saturday).
Parents are requested to maintain School Timings.
Parents have to make their own transport arrangements, if they are not enrolled for the school Transport.
There is formal syllabus, hence with prescribed books.